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Geeks and Goblins, Elves and Elliot is a romantic comedy that the whole family can enjoy--male and female, young and old. Humorous and touching with endearing characters, it will entertain and delight you while it explores issues of tolerance and diversity and the importance of accepting people for who they are.

Elliot is the new kid at school. The girls adore him, but he's sick of the shallow attention they give him because of his looks.

Julie is one of the most attractive girls at school. The boys would give anything to go out with her. But she remains aloof because her family hides a secret that forbids her from falling in love with mere humans.

Perry is the ideal mate that Julie's parents have chosen for her according to their family's tradition. But he's not ideal for Julie!

Olivia is the sister who makes sure Julie follows the traditions of the family, all the while subconsciously desiring Perry for herself.

Lilly is the youngest in the family. She doesn't say much, but she sneaks around poking her nose into everyone's business and stirs up more trouble than she can handle.

Jared is Elliot's geeky friend, and concocts a scheme to use Elliot to attract the attention of some girl--any girl!--that he can fall in love with.

Christie is the girl Jared decides he wants, but she has other plans, and she's not against using Jared to acheive them.

All these forces come together in one night at a school dance, where Elliot and Julie fall in love at first sight--as if they were Romeo and Juliet. The turmoil that erupts has frightening consequences, and may end up killing someone yet.


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